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A portrait of George Davenport

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2022  January to December
2021  January to December
2020  January to March  —  April to December

–2021 Dec 6Your Guide to the 1950 Census, Lisa Louise Cooke
Program was live via zoom, but similar program is available at website – Episode 51 – 1950 Census for Genealogy — (Other 1950 Census related Episodes: #79: Enumeration District Maps — #53: 1950 Census Questions)
–2021 Nov 1 – SCIGS November Messages – Available on You Tube – Davenport Public Library
–2021 Sept (posted Oct 11) – How to Publish Your Genealogy, presenter Dan Foley, a local genealogist – Available on You Tube -Davenport Public Library
–2021 Aug 10 – Swedish Genealogy with the Swenson Immigration Research Center
–2021 Oct 5 – What’s New in Special Collections, Richard-Sloane Special Collections – Available on You Tube – Davenport Public Library (32.05)
–2020 Dec 8 – SCIGS So Many Newspapers, So Little Time with Anne Thomas – Available on You Tube – Davenport Public Library (27.55)
–2020 Nov 1 – SCIGS November Messages & Information from SCIGS members – Available on You Tube – Davenport Public Library (30.57)
–2020 Oct 5 – What’s New in Special Collections, Richard-Sloane Special Collections – Available on You Tube – Davenport Public Library 

 – Presentations by Richardson-Sloane Special Collection Center Staff – Available on You Tube -Davenport Public Library

–2021 Nov 8 – Milton Howard and Family with Karen Orozco-Gutierrez, the great-granddaughter of local African-American Civil War veteran Milton Howard, will discuss her family history research journey as part of the Richardson-Sloane Special collections Center’s celebration of Family History Month (program happened 28 Oct 2021) (54.49)
–2021 Sep 10 – An Array of School and Education Materials – Overview of education and schools in Davenport and Scott County through the materials in collection (1:08.55)
–2021 Jul 23 – Part II – Race Through Davenport’s Past:  History and Architecture Along the Bix 7 Route
– Description on Part 1, Jul 9, 2021 (39.54)
–2021 Jul 9 – Part 1 – Race Through Davenport’s Past:  History and Architecture Along the Bix 7 Route -Virtual tour of the historic sites and architecturally significant buildings along the Bix 7 race route, including Downtown, the Kirkwood Blvd, the Village of East Davenport, and McClellan Heights (44.08)
–2021 Mar 25 – Main Menu, Hungry for family history knowledge? 
Then choose something from our Main Menu!  The Special of the Day will feature unique resources available to patrons in the Richardson-Sloane Special collections Center that are not currently available on the internet.  Learn about our in-house digitized records and indexes created by staff, volunteers, and the SCIGS that might assist you with your family history research.
–2020 Dec 29 – 2021 National History Research Help at the Davenport Public Library
–2020 Dec 21 – Charles A. Ficke: The Man and his Mansion – Dr. William Roba presents a brief history of Charles A. Ficke and his mansion at 1208 Main Street, Davenport, Iowa.  This presentation was recorded to celebrate the 125th Anniversary of the Contemporary Club. (19.23)
–2020 Nov 19 – Local Database Search at the Richardson-Sloane Special Collections Center
–2020 Nov 2 – Local 4 News WHBF Broadcast – Richard-Sloane Special Collections Center –
What’s available & how to access (4:40)
–2020 Oct 1 – Local History Program with Historian Gena Schantz
Early fur trade in this region (30:59)
–2020 May 21 – Behind-the-Scenes:  Welcome to the Richardson-Sloane Special Collections Center Tour (4:30)
–2020 May 12 – Behind-the-Scenes:  Scott County Records (5:37)
–2020 May 1 – Behind-the-Scenes:  City Directories (6:09)

Opening The Box Series
   –2021 December 9 – Opening the Box Series:  MidCoast Fine Art Collection (1:01.31)
   –2021 November 8 – Opening the Box Series:  World War I Collections  (41.52) 
   –2021 October 12 – Opening the Box Series:  Civil War Research Resources (38.31) 
   –2021 September 10 – An Array of School & Educational Materials (1:08.54)

Preservation Workshops – How to practically care for and preserve materials at home with tips and tricks from Richardson-Sloane Special Collections Center staff.  Each workshop will showcase different techniques and share applicable knowledge on creating tools and demonstrating methods of preservation for photographs, letters, books, and more
–2022 Dec 20 – Demystifying Archival Products (40.21) – Discuss the archival product terminology as well as the differences between the various archival products available through various vendors.  We will also share what types of products are best for particular types of materials.  Will share a list of vendors for all your archival product needs.
–2022 Oct 18 Book Pillows -(13.22) – Demonstrate how to make homemade book pillows.  Book pillows assist a reader or researcher in using books with fragile or tight binding.  They also support any book by preventing spine cracking and other types of wear.
–2022 Apr 27 – Strategies for Starting and Archiving Oral History Projects – Sharing ways of developing, archiving, and providing access to oral history projects.  We will share what we use at the DPL to conduct oral histories and resources to organize and store them. (38.38)
–2022 Feb 15 – Textile Preservation – (53.18)
–2021 Dec 21 – Family Archives – Discuss reasons for considering creating a family archive, steps of how to start, and projects that would help bring family together (21.00)
–2021 October 19 – Phase Boxes Tutorial – Demonstrates how to make homemade phase boxes to protect books, scrapbooks, albums & similar items (30.06)
–2021 Aug 26 – Photographic Images – View a variety of photographic image types and the ways they can be safely stored for future generations to enjoy. (38.22)
–2021 Jun 24 – Encapsulation – Learn why encapsulation is a better option than lamination for heirlooms and view demonstrations of item (17.29)
–2021 Apr 20 – Homemade Book Weights – Demonstration on how to make homemade book weights.  These are perfect tool for gently holding a book open, popping them up, and other needs. (31.52)
–2021 Mar 16 – Heirloom Scrapbooks – Suggestions for heirloom scrapbooks preservation (20.41)
–2020 April 30 – Preserving Family Heirlooms:  Books, Paper, and Photographs – Celebrate Preservation Week by learning how to handle and care for family treasures to ensure that they are available for future generations to enjoy! (1:11.02)




Our focus is on Scott County’s place in history as the real Gateway to the West and the histories of the persons who came here. And, our intention is to provide applicable articles and records. Some will be available to the general public. Some will be restricted to SCIGS members who log into this website.